Open Government Partnership

  • Translucent 1 Room

    11.45 - 12.30

How is the Open Government Partnership raising the bar for transparency, accountability and participation in Europe? This session will introduce the basics of what OGP is and explore with European OGP actors in the room how they have been using OGP to get concrete change. In the second part participants will identify concrete ‘asks for change’ in the room and discuss with actors – seasoned and new to OGP - how OGP could be strategically used to get these.

In 5 years OGP has grown from 8 to 69 participating countries, collectively making close to 3,000 distinct open government commitments to open up government. The core of the OGP idea is simple: bringing together government and civil society champions of reform who recognize that governments are much more likely to be effective and credible if they open their doors to public input and oversight.

The session will be led by Paul Maassen (OGP Support Unit), Tim Hughes (Involve UK) and Sandor Lederer (K-Monitor Hungary, TBC).